Mar 122011

I get great sound from this…

The Griffin FireWave gives you what you have been missing in your Mac experience – Surround Sound.

FireWave has Dolby Digital processors to bring Surround Sound to Macs for gaming, DVD players and iTunes.

With the multitude of 5.1 surround sound speakers for PCs readily available, FireWave gives Mac users the ability to affordably upgrade their sound systems, with spectacular results.

Mar 112011

Worked for me…

We all remember, once Leopard was out it took Checkpoint quite a long time to update their VPN client. Now Snow Leopard is out and it begins …

After installing Snow Leopard, Checkpoints SecureClient refuses to install and if already installed (through an upgrade) it won’t start at all.

Mar 102011

If you have a 2010 RX350 with push button start here’s the way to reset the Oil Maintenance Required light:

1. Odometer Must be in Trip A display
2. Turn the car off
3. Hold the Odometer button down. Continue to hold for all the following steps
4. Do NOT put your foot on the brake
5. Push the ignition button twice. Do not hold
6. Watch the display (continue to hold the Odometer button)
7. The Oil Maintenance light will reset after a few seconds
8. Finally, release the odometer button.