Mar 102011

If you have a 2010 RX350 with push button start here’s the way to reset the Oil Maintenance Required light:

1. Odometer Must be in Trip A display
2. Turn the car off
3. Hold the Odometer button down. Continue to hold for all the following steps
4. Do NOT put your foot on the brake
5. Push the ignition button twice. Do not hold
6. Watch the display (continue to hold the Odometer button)
7. The Oil Maintenance light will reset after a few seconds
8. Finally, release the odometer button.

  16 Responses to “2010 Lexus RX350 Oil Maintenance Required Reset”

  1. Thanks.

    We have a new 2011 RX350 that I took to a LEXUS dealer for a 5000 mile checkup while we are traveling across the country. My owners manual is of course at home in Florida. After trying several different web sites, including the LEXUS web site (which is wrong for late model cars), I found your site. Your process works like a charm. I could have called the LEXUS dealer, but I figured it would take fourteen phone transfers and two weeks to find the one person that knew the secret process.

  2. Thank you so much! I don’t know why the manual does not explain this correctly!

  3. Worked great on a Lexus 2010 rx350.

  4. It worked. Thanks saved me a trip to the dealer and some money too

  5. It works perfect. Thanks.

  6. It’s really nice to see Info
    and instructions posted on the Internet Ithat are.
    actually spot
    on and very simple to use. Took all of about two minutes And works perfectly Thank you

  7. Thanks. It worked the first time on my 2012 RX 350. I think Lexus, and other manufacturers, hide this information to force people to use the experts at the dealership. I looked longer than I care to admit in the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual is the 600 + page book that is supposed to volunteer information to customers who may have thought that their last measure of devotion was exacted by the price of the vehicle. No. Try answering a simple question like ‘the oil is changed, how do I reset the light demanding an oil change?’

  8. Thanks, making my way through the owners manual on my 2011 RX350 was giving me a migraine.

  9. Thank you very much! I called Fremont Lexus in California, and one lady told me, “Read the manual.” I read it and tried same procedures over and over for two freaking hours. Your post solved the problem in 15 seconds. Thanks for nothing Fremont Lexus!

  10. The manual, as Ted says, is wrong. I researched it and tried what it suggested many times. This fix works.

  11. Awesome! Worked for my 2012 lexus rx350 2wd!!!! Thanks! Changed the oil myself and had to reset the oil maintence reminder. Thanks so much!

  12. This worked. Thank you.

  13. Thanks very much. Your info worked perfectly. My 2010 RX-350 requires synthetic oil 0W/40. My mechanic says the oil is good for 10K miles. The “required” warning is programed to come on at 5K. Last year it drove me crazy for about 3K miles. The odometer set to trp A was the secret. A message came up saying “resetting display.” When I saw that I knew this info was the solution. Once again, thanks.

  14. This procedure worked like a champ! Instructions were easy as well as easy to understand. The owners manual is like reading a 12 volume book on engineering. Thanks for the info. I printed the instructions and keep in the manual + plus give to friends with the same car.

  15. 100 % ……….perfect! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. thanks -worked on ct200h!

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