A highly creative, goal-oriented professional with solid Internet development and graphic design expertise. Demonstrated experience in web application and HTML development, maintaining multiple Linux / Windows servers and graphic design. Highly organized with the ability to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines. A strong work ethic combined with a commitment to excellence in all projects undertaken. A team player, working effectively with information services, sales & marketing and senior management in accomplishing objectives.



  • Significant experience in designing and constructing complex web applications utilizing a variety of technologies.
  • Ability to understand the market, analyze the competition and layout websites to achieve the best results.
  • Managed the delivery of multiple websites including the design, development, testing, implementation and support.
  • Member, HTML Writers Guild (1995), Internet Professional Publishers Association (1997), Florida Cold Fusion User Group (1999). Founding member and Vice Chairman of the Internet Free College (1996).


Software Development Eng III
NTT / VERIO, Inc. – Boca Raton, FL 2006 – Present

Responsible for developing and maintaining Verio’s marketing and retail ordering portals – Verio.com, viaVerio.com, whois.net, support.verio.com and EOS (Internal Sales Order Form). Additionally I am responsible for Internal sites and applications such as VIC (Verio Internal Communication). Performs complex troubleshooting, debugging, testing of code and usability. Aids in developing platform design/conceptualization and strategy of systems and functions. Researches new ideas for platforms and/or applications. Serves as technical resource for software development team, providing guidance and assisting with resolution of complex issues as needed. Most of the inherited projects were procedural code. Newer projects or redesigns were implemented with MVC (Model,View,Controller) patterns, OOP (Object-oriented programming) methodologies and full SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) framework. Utilized IDE for RAD (Eclipse – JAVA, PHP, CFEclipse, ColdFusion Builder 2)

  • Technologies include: ColdFusion (extensive CFCs / cfscript), ASP, JAVA, PHP, PERL, DOM, HTML, XML, XML-RPC, SOAP, REST, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, VBScript, FLASH, FSO, DHTML, AJAX, LDAP, SSO / Federation Services, Google Analytics / Optimizer, Payment gateways (Cybersource, Paymentech, Chase, Paypal), CMS / CRM (WordPress, SugarCRM, Sharepoint), CSS, Tomcat, Apache, Subversion (SVN), LAMP, WAMP, mySQL, MS SQL & Oracle.
  • Integration of 3rd party API solutions into our complex ordering process. [MIT Namebuddy, DomainsBot, Pardot, SugarCRM, IDology]
  • Creation of REST APIs that are leveraged by provisioning systems to score an order for known fraud cases.
  • Reduced fraud orders and Cybersource auth charges with new measures and checks that proactively block fraudulent orders. Charges went down from $1,000+ a day to less than $20. Over the course of the year the company saved $364,560.
  • Recipient of 3 Extra mile awards relating to job performance.

Sr. Programmer / Technical Specialist
TYCO / ADT Security Systems – Boca Raton, FL 2005 – 2006

Responsible for analyzing, implementation and execution of various enhancements to 10+ internal and external web applications and 50+ Intranet sites (insideADT.com) and various mission critical web applications built with Cold Fusion, ASP, VB 6, JSP and MS SQL Server. Other duties include: providing production support to the global Tyco / ADT community through the Remedy system. Optimize existing queries and or move old queries to stored procedures, views with T-SQL.

  • Technologies include: ASP, VB6, ColdFusion, HTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, FLASH, DHTML, CSS, MS SQL & Oracle.

Technical Specialist, Web Application Developer
COMPUTER SCIENCES CORP. – Deerfield Beach, FL 2001 – 2002

Responsible for designing, building, maintaining and supporting various web applications. Clients included BAE, the County of San Diego and Nortel Networks. Member of the CSC SWAT Team – The SWAT team was responsible for any kind of IS issues; from hardware to software.

  • Dramatically reduced help desk calls with added enhancements from the user base.
  • Improved productivity for various departments; streamlining their processes and shorten the time for approvals; from days to minutes.

IS Graphic / Web Designer, Technical Specialist, Web Application Developer
NORTEL NETWORKS – Sunrise, FL 1998 – 2001

Full responsibility for the management and creation of multiple departmental websites, from concept through release. Responsible for maintaining and monitoring 6 NT Intranet web servers. Consulted with sales team and other key players in the development and design of their websites. Responsible for the creation and deployment of 15+ web application systems (ranging from HR tools to eBusiness order systems).Delivered 55+ departmental websites including the design, development, testing, implementation and support for the entire Caribbean and Latin American region. Technologies include: ColdFusion, HTML, PERL, JavaScript, FLASH, DHTML, CSS, MS Access / SQL Server & Oracle.

  • Fully designed, created and deployed the first Carrier Solutions web application to capture orders over the Internet.
  • Increased corporate revenues significantly in the Caribbean and Latin American region. Vendors could place orders over the Internet, anytime, unlike the traditional paper method. Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty by 15%.
  • Reduced help desk calls by 45% with built-in help functions and easy to use interfaces.
  • Recipient of the 1998 Nortel Networks IS Award of Merit and awarded with two 1999 Nortel Networks IS Pride Awards for projects that I delivered.

Owner, Web Application Developer, Consultant
VALHALLA GRAPHICS – Coconut Creek, FL 1994 – Present

Providing custom built turnkey web applications / websites based on the client’s requirements. Gather requirements, research and architect the best possible methods, technologies and procedures for the most optimal performance. Build applications consuming various 3rd party APIs (e.g. Google, PayPal, Flickr, last.fm, GetGlue, Twitter, eBay, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress)

  • Technologies include: ASP, ColdFusion, HTML, PHP, .NET, PERL, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, FLASH, DHTML, CSS, mySQL, MS SQL & Oracle.

Volunteer Graphic / Web Designer, Webmaster
SOUTH FLORIDA FRIENDS OF JAZZ – Hollywood, FL 1998 – 2001

Responsible for the implementation of the organization’s website; from design through release. Full responsibility for updating and maintaining the website. This was a volunteer position and usually required one day a month to complete my tasks.

  • Reduced questions to the staff with useful web pages (e.g. Map and Directions).
  • Increased attendance to events by providing an online ticket purchase link.

MASTERS INSTITUTE – San Jose, CA 1991 – 1993
A.S. Degree in Graphic Arts and Desktop Publishing – Comprehensive training in traditional production art, computer graphics, animation & desktop publishing, on both the Macintosh & the PC environment.

Brainbench – ColdFusion MX; ColdFusion 4.5
Brainbench – HTML 4.0 (Master); HTML 3.2
Project Planning, Analysis & Control (PMI – Level 1)
Allaire Spectra for Developers
JAVA 101

18 yrs – HTML 1.0–5.0, XHTML 1.0–1.1
14 yrs – ColdFusion 3.1– 9.0 MX
14 yrs – SQL, JavaScript 1.5–1.8.2, CSS 2–3
10 yrs – ASP 2.0–3.0
09 yrs – PHP, FLASH, JAVA, DOM
02 yrs – PERL, jQuery
01 yr – .NET (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET)
20 yrs – Graphic Design / Desktop Publishing

Available upon request.

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